Henry Moore Exhibition, Kew Gardens

The Henry Moore Exhibition ran from September 2007 to March 2008 and brought to a single site 28 of Moore's famous works. Chris Kendall Associates were appointed by the Royal Botanic Gardens to design the foundations for the 12 largest and least stable sculptures, with a brief not only to ensure stability during the exhibition but also to ensure that the foundations could easily be removed completely following the end of the exhibition.

Our work included: outline wind loading analysis for the sculptures (particularly the "Large Upright Internal/External Form", 7m tall and weighing 8 tonnes), potential "vandal" loading assessment, foundation design, and design for easy removal involving the inclusion of lifting hooks and cast-in-tubes for hydraulic bursting of concrete bases.

Of necessity, most of our work was hidden. Out of all the thousands of visitors to the exhibition, we were perhaps the only ones who paid more attention to the sculpture bases than to the works themselves.

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