New Building for art, design and technology teaching, at King's College School, Wimbledon

Designed during 1998-99. Project cost 1.42M
Architect: The Miller Bourne Partnership
Structural Engineer: Chris Kendall Associates
Services Engineer & Contractor: A G Manly
Quantity Surveyor: Mercer & Miller
Main Contractor: Benson
Completed Summer 2000

Initial site clearance and preparation of what was originally a playground

Initial site clearance
This sequence of photos shows the construction of the structural elements of the building: the foundations, columns, floors and roof, over a period of 6 months.

Excavation of foundations

Excavation of foundations

The subsoil was sand and gravel at 1m depth overlain by made ground. The water table was at 1.6m below ground level.

Unforeseen ground conditions: an old soakaway at the foundation position

Unforeseen ground conditions

Construction of reinforced concrete base pads for columns

Constructing column base pads

Constructing ground-floor columns and stairwells. The stairwells and lift-shaft provide lateral stability to the building

Ground floor columns & stairwells

Installing formwork for insitu-concrete first floor

Formwork for 1st floor

Installing reinforcement for first floor

1st floor reinforcement

Placing concrete in 1st floor slab. Some 60m3 were delivered from a nearby ready-mix depot to be placed in a single continuous pour.

Placing concrete in 1st floor

1st-floor columns completed. Placing formwork for 2nd floor. First steelwork installed as roof supports.

2nd floor formwork

Preparing for completion of 2nd floor and uppermost part of lift-shaft

2nd floor complete

Starting installation of roof steelwork. The second floor is entirely within the roof-space.

Starting steelwork

Roof steelwork nearing completion

Roof steelwork

Roof timberwork being installed on steel frame

Roof timberwork

Nearing completion

Nearing completion

Successfully completed and opened